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Pre-shoot Tips

“From my seven years of professional experience and knowledge, herein is a list of the most important tips and the timeframes in which to implement them. Follow these tips for a seamless and optimum shoot.”


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Weeks before your shoot: Stretching and healthy eating

Days before your shoot: Fake tan and staying hydrated

The Day of your shoot: Showering and clothing

In the moment: Body and mindset

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Weeks before your shoot

Stretch: Boudoir poses look amazing but take a lot of hard work. When guided by a professional, Boudoir poses are safe for most people who have a normal range of flexibility, but it can feel like a workout.


Make sure you stretch weeks and days before your shoot. 


We recommend trying yoga via YouTube to limber up. It is highly likely your best boudoir shots will be achieved via lots of bending and flexing, pushing and pulling, hence the recommendation to be prepared.


Healthy eating: Avoid fad diets. Instead of trying to make your body fit into an image via fasting or fad diets, we suggest eating well-balanced diet (and even a healthy breakfast the morning of your shoot) to help fuel your mind and body, keep your energy levels up and ward off fatigue or sugar crashes during your shoot. We would suggest bringing your favourite snacks as well.

Weeks Before your shoot

Days before your shoot

Fake Tan: Ensure you have carefully followed the instructions of your fake tan product. Most fake tan products differ in their application so ensure you scrub and/or moisturise as recommended following your first application. 


It is vitally important to ensure you know the instructions of your tan product, so that your tan finish is even for the shoot.


Water: Drink plenty of water. It is amazing how easy it is to dehydrate your body and skin, which can have an impact leading up to your shoot. By drinking ample amounts of water, your body will be suitably hydrated for your shoot the next day. A good night’s sleep is also recommended.


The day of your shoot

Shower: In order to make sure we capture the best photos and you feel positive and confident during the shoot, having a shower is always a great way to relax the mind. It’s a great way to feel rejuvenated and energised prior to your shoot and before hair and make-up.


If your fake tan requires additional steps on the day of the shoot, such as a scrub, be sure to follow the instructions of the product.


Clothing: Make sure you wear loose clothing, as this ensures lines on your skin won’t show up in photos and reduces the chances of smudges on your tan. Also remember to take hair ties off your wrist hours before your shoot, as the line will show.

Days before your shoot
The Day of your shoot

And Lastly.. in the Moment

Everyone contributes something unique during a photoshoot and the open mindset and energy you bring will help shape the shoot. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and we will ensure the perfect images are captured and that your shoot is a positive and memorable experience.

and Lastly

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